Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ideas for Electives

In planning for 6th grade, we have decided on 2 of our electives. She wants Home Economics and Photography. I was able to find a neat (and by neat I mean free LOL) Home Ec course online, but could use some ideas on a very beginner course on digital photography. I just need a half semester of lessons if any has any suggestions. Thanks!



Life Adapted said...

I don't have any real suggestions for lesson plans, but I will tell you that there are always photo contests that she can enter. Check with local Chamber of Commerce, newspapers, Women's Club and even the public schools - the public school in our community let our homeschoolers enter all their contests. My kids didn't win much, but the idea was to put their time and talent to a project. My son won a National Award for a photo he took this year. His was chosen from 500,000 entries in 6 categories. His photo is on a National Tour right now :)

Be blessed

MOM #1 said...

Photography, how fun!

I've had this link in my favorites for some time,


I haven't used it myself, because Baby Boy's interests changed before we got around to it, but it is inexpensive and it may be nice.

Also if you Google Free Photography Lessons, a lot of stuff comes up. I don't know if will be age appropriate, but you know how that it.

Sounds like you're planning a super-fun year.

Good Luck!


My dd (10th) also wants to do photography and I've been thinking about Home. Ec. She needs as many credits as she can get.
Thanks for this post!