Thursday, June 18, 2009


I have the neatest teen aged son around. I have had 7 kids for the last 2 1/2 weeks as I am doing some respite care and it has been a very busy, fun last week of camping. We came back home yesterday and there was tons of laundry to do. This morning while the children were eating breakfast, I was folding clothes and packing for 1 of the children that is leaving today. I heard noises going on in the kitchen and then smelled cooking. When asked what was going on out there I heard a very suspicious, "Nothing!" Ummmm, Yeah right! A minute later, my 16 year old walks in with a plate of scrambled eggs and sausage. WOW!! I did not expect that! I am so blessed.

And they were good!!! :)


MOM #1 said...

Oh, that's fantastic! It just shows that you raised him well. How sweet! I bet it was delicious. Food always tastes better when someone else prepares it for you.

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Is he for rent?

Fatcat said...

That's so cool!