Saturday, June 13, 2009

Camping June 11 - 15th

Nature, home-away-from-home, bruised and dirty knees.
Photography by Jordan


MOM #1 said...

Getting bruised and dirty away from home is always so much fun!

Is that y'all's RV? Are y'all RV camping?

We took a long RV trip a few years ago and we had SO MUCH FUN. I never thought I would like it, as I tend to be a high-maintenance-with-an-acute-need-for-modern-conveniences kind of girl, but I was surprised how much love and family bonding it provided. Plus, it was just plain fun!

The photos are so great. Y'all have a wonderful time and stay safe.

:)De said...

That is our old girl. She is 15 years old and she's been every where, man! LOL! We used to be tent campers, so this is such a upgrade. Lots of love and family bonding.

Thanks for the well wishes.


Life Adapted said...

Bruised and dirty knees are kids proof of time well spent. I love when we all have to sleep in one room, there is bonding and love that happens even when we are sleeping. My house always seems so big to me when we get home. My oldest daughter is away for 9 weeks as a camp counselor at a Christian wilderness camp. She'll be sharing a tent with 10 girls all summer - there should be plenty of bonding for her!

Be blessed dear one.