Thursday, May 21, 2009

Free Resources... My Favorites!

We usually have a little ceremony at the end of the year where the children receive certificates of completion, and other awards for citizenship, spelling, etc. I typically make them using some artsy program or micr*s*ft office, but while surfing around I found a neat little site that I think I will use this year. Teacher Planet has a section of free certificates and awards. The only thing is that they are in Adobe and some of them have dates (the year) that cannot (or I just don't know how) be changed. Last year, I only had 2 kids being home schooled. This year with four, we may actually have to hold applause until all names have been called. LOL!


MOM #1 said...

Oh, what the heck, clap 'till your hands hurt, LOL. Homeschool certificates are a celebratory situation for sure!

Anonymous said...

You can try this site Good luck!