Monday, April 6, 2009

In My Opinion....

5th and 10th grade are doing a 10 part series of paragraphs that express their opinions and thoughts on numerous subjects. While all of 5th grades paragraphs will be published here, some of 10th grades will be published on his blog, 10th Grade Big Dawgs. If you can, go over and give him a little support on his site.

In My Opinion by Jordan

I help to take care of a baby. His name is Littlest Rottie*. He is three months old. He is so sweet and loves to watch TV. He loves to eat and loves to get tickled. He eats eight ounces in the morning because he sleeps twelve hours at night. He is Caucasian with blue eyes. He loves to stand up and is trying to roll over. He wears size two diapers. He is a foster kid. I hope he finds a good family that loves him and takes care of him. I hope he always remembers us.

*His blog name :)

In my Opinion by Jeffrey

When I grow up I am going to open my own detail shop. When I turn eighteen I am going to college. I am going to take a business course. I am also going to study about automobiles. I want to design new hybrid cars for the future. I want to trick out old school cars for a living. You can see some of my designs at 10th Grade Big Dawgs.

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MOM #1 said...

What great paragraphs! I love when the little ones start expressing themselves. It's too cute!