Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Girls, Girls, Girls

My daughter is the only girl with 3 brothers, 1 foster brother and 2 little boys that come over for after school for care during the week. While she likes being called "The Princess", she has strong feelings about not having any other girls around... and she is not shy about expressing those feelings. LOL! Last weekend, we had family visit us from out of state and amongst the cousins were 3 girls, my 2nd cousins. What fun!

We went skating at our local YMCA, but could not go swimming as 1 of the cousins could not get her hair wet....sigh...but after skating there was giggling and spats and silliness and drama and multiple clothes change and tears and incessant chatting and popcorn, chips, twizzlers, nachos, ice cream, cake, 4 movies (none of them seen all the way through as they would change their minds and then change the DVD midway through the movie) and finally, quiet... as they crashed from the sugar high!
We survivied the weekend and funny thing, she has not been complaining as much about being the only girl. I think she is use to the drama-free life that boys provide. ~Smile~

The skate park at the Y... more falling than skating! LOL!

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Life Adapted said...

We have nothing but drama here! But I have to say, it's not just from the girls!!

Cute story!
Be blessed