Saturday, June 14, 2008

Field Day!

We usually have a field day during the last week of school, but this year was so busy for us that we just could get it on the schedule. The kids decided to have it during our summer session. We have activities like the broad jump, 50 yard dash, egg & spoon races and basketball shoot contest. We also have the silliest obstacle course that I can come up with using the swing set, tree and picnic table.

Any other ideas for activities would be neat to hear. We are looking for original and fun activities that are suitable for a 4 yr old up to a 15 yr old (with some modification as needed).


Life Adapted said...

Thanks for reading my story about Benny, I left you a response on my blog.

Hmmmm. . .how about a race to see who can roll a toilet paper cardboard roll from one end of the yard to the other only using your nose to push it forward, hands behind your back of course. Or side walk chalk art contests, Hoola hoop contests and who can shoot a mouth full of water the furthest (do this on pavement so you can clearly see where the water lands) and then you can have the kids mark it with side walk chalk and measure it with tape measure.

Have a blast this summer with those kids of yours. Be blessed in all you do.

:)De said...

OH wow...the mouth spitting just got a standing ovation! LOL the teenager loves it. thanks