Sunday, April 20, 2008

Spring Break

We are back from a wonderful spring break and not looking forward to getting back to school, but we must. Spring break was later than most this year due to timeshare availability, but that made for fantastic weather. Poetry and writings from the students to follow....

We went on a trip
We were in the car for a little bit
We played on the playground
We had fun fooling around
We sat in the sun
That was so much fun
I hope we go again
While I am still 10
~Jordan Rose~

My trip was fun
There were many places to run
We stayed at a resort
I played at the B-Ball court
The drive to Apple Valley was cool
My atlas was a useful tool.
It had an 18-hole golf course
The first time I hit the ball… well let’s just say it was the worse
~ Jeffrey~

My Paragraph (Jeffrey)


Anonymous said...

way to go kids nice poems lov ya nana

Life Adapted said...

Welcome back. Love the poems, very creative. Be blessed.